What We Do.

The Green Gallagher Strategy Group is a full-service strategic communications company. We specialize in the design and implementation of short- and long-term strategies using paid and free media (television, radio, Web 2.0, public relations), direct mail, and relationships with government, community and public policy leaders to help realize the goals of our clients. Together, Green and Gallagher have more than thirty years’ experience in campaign strategy, political and issues advertising, public relations, ballot access, issues development and crisis management. We work for political candidates, non-profit and for-profit concerns.

What We Add.

Founded by Bill Green and Danica Gallagher, Green Gallagher is a boutique firm that provides each client with individual attention and round-the-clock access to the firm’s principals. We strive to keep our client list manageable and complementary. We are committed to fees that are as reasonable as possible without sacrificing the quality of our work, and place a premium on maintaining a good reputation.

Though we have worked on well-capitalized state- and citywide campaigns, we also bring our thorough knowledge and experience to bear on the strategic imperatives of down-ballot races and special interest campaigns where an incisive message and efficient use of resources are especially critical to success.

Unlike many consultants, we are knowledgeable on the issues and can draw upon a diverse network of experts. We have consulted on campaigns across the country, but our focus remains primarily in the Northeast.

What We Believe.

We are advocates for the free and fair exchange of ideas, open government, and thoughtful public policy. We have had the privilege of working for many committed and qualified candidates and organizations representing a diversity of viewpoints. Yet we all share a common goal: service to community and dedication to democracy.